(Re-)Introducing IEST’s Blog – Help Us Shape It!

By Gordon Ely, IEST Executive Board President, gely269@hotmail.com

What’s keeping YOU up at night?

If you could ask an expert in your field anything, what would it be?

What type of information would help you perform your job better, or help you secure your dream job?

With the re-introduction of the IEST blog, we aim to offer the answers and the inspiration you are seeking.

Starting this month, the IEST blog will feature the unique perspectives of IEST executive board members throughout the year. They are excited to share their analyses, instruction, criticism, and industry observations. But they are most eager to provide information that really matters to you.

IEST – the Institute of Environmental Sciences and Technology – is all about connecting professionals who impact controlled environments in the fields of contamination control, environmental testing, and nanotechnology facilities. We collaborate to provide industry guidelines and best practices. We offer peer-reviewed technical papers and research. We exist to help you develop personally and professionally and to help your company grow. This blog is yet another way to do that.

So, tell us what topics you want to hear about. What would be helpful to you? Would you like suggestions for books on productivity? A checklist on how to do something better? An interview with a certain industry leader?

Please let us know by contacting me directly at gely269@hotmail.com or IEST staff at communications@iest.org.

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