IEST Secretariat Announces Availability of ISO/DIS 14644-15

ARLINGTON HEIGHTS, IL (April 13, 2016) – IEST, the Secretariat to ISO Technical Committee 209, Cleanrooms and associated controlled environments, announces the availability of ISO Draft International Standard (DIS) 14644-15: Assessment of suitability for use of equipment and materials by airborne chemical concentration.

You can now purchase this standard from, and take part in the first public review of ISO/DIS 14644-15. Part 15 of the ISO 14644 Standards Series was spun off from the original equipment standard (ISO/DIS 14644-14) in order to focus on suitability by airborne chemical concentration. In ISO/DIS 14644-15 you will find requirements and guidance for assessing the chemical airborne cleanliness of equipment and materials which are linked to ISO 14644-8. ISO 14644-8 establishes the levels of air chemical cleanliness in terms of airborne concentrations of specific chemical substances (individual, group or category) and provides a protocol to include test methods, analysis, and time-weighted factors within the specification for the level.

Join us in reviewing and developing ISO 14644 Series Standards. Please contact the ISO Member Body in your country. In the United States, IEST is the Administrator to the US TAG to ISO/TC 209. US TAG members review and debate the merits of the ISO/TC 209 standards and prepare the US voting position. Experts are also needed to attend the international ISO working group meetings.

ISO Standards and IEST Recommended Practices for cleanrooms and controlled environments are available through IEST at

Contact IEST Technical Program Manager Jennifer Sklena ( for further information on providing valuable volunteer service to your country and industry.


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